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Tales From The Cryptkeeper Action Figures

Action figures based on the animated horror show, Tales From The Cryptkeeper. 

Tales from the Cryptkeeper is an animated horror children's television series made by Canada-based Nelvana. It was shown on YTV in Canada and on ABC in the United States. It was based on the 1950s EC Comics series Tales from the Crypt and the live action television series of the same name, which aired concurrently on HBO. Made for children, Tales from the Cryptkeeper was significantly milder than its live action version and all blood and gore were completely removed in order to target the audience.

Most of the episodes take place within the fictional city of Gravenhurst, California.

The series was cancelled on December 10, 1994. In 1999, the series returned to the air as New Tales from the Cryptkeeper. The animation was different from that of the previous episodes and it switched over to Teletoon in Canada, and also switched to CBS in the United States.